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It’s a 32’ diameter 17’ tall wrecking ball game of fun. It has four balance pedestals for the players to stand on and one 2 1/2 inflated ball on a rope. The game begins when the wrecking ball swings… stand your ground and don’t fall down. This inflatable is great for all ages big and small. I just know churches, companies, and large organizations will love this unit but I won’t be surprised if I see this game in a few residential back yards too. I recommend 2-4 players at a time if your playing the game in a traditional way but you could have 4-6 kids playing in it without the wrecking ball.
  • Dimensions size 32’ In diameter 17’tall
  • Power needs : 120v :15-20amps
  • Kid count : 2-4
  • Operators: 1 Adult to supervise
  • Setup: indoor/outdoor


  • Gender neutral colors
  • One wrecking ball
  • Four pedestals
  • Great for ages 3+ , teens, adults

***We will hold a credit card number for any rips or tears to the wrecking ball in the amount of $175***


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