Rainy Conditions

When it rains on your parade or literally your party or event we will do all we can to make it better. We can’t control the weather, but we can control our response to it. Since we can’t make the rain go away and come another day, we can bring the inflatables another day. If 2/3 of your day is rained out or there is a 40% chance of rain or higher, we will issue a rain check valid for one year or issue you a refund minus $25 which ever is required. Rain checks will be subject to availability.

Wind Advisories

When severe wind advisories are forecast, for your child’s safety we will not complete outdoor rentals for the day. We will also monitor weather conditions during your rental and call to evacuate the bounce houses if winds reach 25 miles per hour. We have children and if we wouldn’t put our children in danger we won’t put yours either.

Length of Rental

All rentals are for the day, all entertainers are by the hour; unless otherwise agreed upon prior to event.


All Payments for bounce houses/inflatables and/or entertainers are due at the time of event.