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The pricing table below represents material costs.

Labor is added to this figure at a rate of $100/hr.

Baffle Repair

When a blown baffle occurs in your inflatable (primarily seen in bounce houses), a bubble will form in the floor of your moonwalk. This is caused by the stitching of the internal baffle breaking or the material itself tearing. We can reinforce the torn area and restore the floor to its original shape. These repairs can often be completed the same day you bring the bounce house to us and start as low as $175 per baffle. That way, you don’t have to miss any rental opportunities. If a blown baffle is not addressed and fixed, it can put unnecessary stress on the other areas of the floor and cause more blown baffles to form and making the bounce house repair more costly. 

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Corner Replacement

Corners of walls on obstacle courses are high-stress points prone to breaking, especially on the entrances and exits of interactive inflatables and water slides. Though these do not always pose a serious issue to the inflatable overall, it’s wise to address them early so they do not become more problematic. Remember, lots of little holes add up to much lost air. We can reinforce these problem areas and rebuild torn corners so that it’s even stronger after they are repaired.

Seam Tear Repair

If a water slide or other inflatable has grit or sand, the sand will function just like sandpaper and slowly break away at the stitching of your inflatable and cause seams to tear. The last thing you want to do is try and solve this issue with tape. Flex or gorilla tape might hold for a moment, but it won’t last and will leave sticky residues. When a seam breaks open, it must be restitched and, depending on the damage, reinforced or rebuilt. Our repair team can repair the problem area so that it never looked like it tore in the first place. If the vinyl itself tore, and not just the stitching, there is a chance an area of the vinyl might need to be replaced so that it will not tear again. We can do that too.

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Step Repair

The step entrances to bouncers are the most highly trafficked area of the inflatable and, therefore, will wear out faster over time. Blown baffles can occur in a step just as they can inside the jumpy castle, and commonly we find issues where the stitching attaching the step to the inflatable begins to break over time. We can reinforce the torn and broken areas with strong vinyl to keep it long lasting and repair broken stitching so that it looks good as new again.

Tie Down Repair

Tie-down anchor points on any bounce house or water slide are crucial to the safety of the inflatable. These commonly pose as stress points after long periods of use and over time, may tear or dry rot, eleven the stitching can come to lose. To maintain the safety of the inflatable, it’s important to address the issue as quickly as possible. When repairing these issues, we reinforce the area with new 18oz commercial-grade vinyl for extra strength so that you don’t have to worry about those ties downs going anywhere.

Tube Strap Repair

Inflation tube straps are another common repair need on many inflatables … these straps can break over time, either because the strap is becoming dry-rotted or the buckle is rusted or broken. This noninvasive repair will completely replace broken straps so you can easily keep the inflation tubes secure. Our durable webbing and alligator clips will ensure your new straps will last a long time.

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Wall Replacement

Sometimes bounce house units can get tears in the wall or floor. Depending on the location, size, and condition of the vinyl, we may be able to repair them, or we may have to replace said walls or floors. In these situations where the area is too worn, we can replace the section entirely with new durable 18oz vinyl. The repaired area will be even more robust and reinforced than it was before. It is our hope these will last you many rentals to come.

Netting Repair

If a bounce house or obstacle course window is beyond patching (large holes or tears or dry rotted and brittle), we can completely replace the window with new high-quality netting. If your window has minor holes, they can be patched. But for safety, the window should be replaced if there are any large holes. We have a quick turnaround time, and once the window is replaced, you won’t even be able to tell there was damage in the first place. We replace both rainbow netting and window mesh. Window replacements range from $100-$300 depending on the window size, and standard bounce house repair window replacements are $225.

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Zipper Repair

After long periods of use, zippers can be prone to breaking. There are instances when the zipper head completely breaks off the track or the teeth of the zipper break and render the zipper unusable. A simple solution to this problem is just replacing the zipper track. This repair leaves the deflations zipper looking brand new again. We only use commercial-grade, heavy-duty zippers for zipper replacements to ensure the new zipper lasts.

We also can install entire deflation zippers and flaps on inflatables that do not have them to make taking down your inflatables much easier. Adding a deflation zipper to a unit that does not currently have any also allows you access inside the inflatable floor for drying purposes to help prevent mold. A standard 36” deflation flap with a mechanical zipper usually costs about $150.

About Us

Our family-owned business has been repairing inflatables for a while now. Our goal is to keep your bounce houses safe and long-lasting. We use the highest quality commercial-grade materials for our repairs. Common repair issues we can fix include but are not limited to blown baffles (when bubbles form in the floor of bounce castles), ripped seams, window tears, old velcro replacements, completely custom slide covers, zipper replacements, blower sock replacements, and much more.

We use the type of state-of-the-art industrial sewing machine designed to handle the larger thread and heavy material of your inflatable games. We double-stitch all seams on our repairs and reinforce problem and stress points.

If you have a unit under warranty, we work with most major companies to have your unit repaired. Our repair technicians have been specially trained to care for your inflatable repair. We can completely overhaul a giant indoor play center inflatable or tighten up a seam on a basic bouncer.

We are located in Murfreesboro, TN, central to most of Middle TN. If you live in the Middle TN area, we have you covered. We cater to places out of middle TN as well. Sites like Knoxville, Chattanooga, Jackson, Bowling Green, KY, and more. You bring the inflatable to us, and we fix them within a week for a fast turnaround time.

We have the necessities to fix any Bounce House, no matter the problem. Whether it’s a torn thread or hole, we have the skill set to get your inflatable ready to rent again!

Do you own bounce houses? If so, there’s a good chance that they have seen better days. Bounce houses are reasonably simple to repair, but it can take a bit of time and effort to get them back into working condition.

If there are holes or tears in the bounce house, they are likely to worsen over time. Waiting too long will only increase the cost of the bounce house repair. Contact us when you notice damage and do not keep using the unit!